Did Joe Biden Violate International Law by Ordering Recent Airstrike in Syria

Did Joe Biden Violate International Law by Ordering Recent Airstrike in Syria

A while ago, the seemingly calmly disposed Joe Biden carried out his first action as the commander of the United States Armed Forces. This is given the recent airstrike conducted on Syrian territory. In this report, we examine if the president violated the United Nations laws by giving the go-ahead for this attack.

This Is Entirely Different from Trump’s Action in Killing Qassem Suleimani

A good number of political analysts have been trying to make comparisons between this recent attack and the one ordered by ex-president Joe Biden. In explaining the situation, one analyst, in particular, explained that “while I am not backing Joe Biden’s decision to order the airstrike on Syrian territory or not, I can safely say the current president did not act as erratic as his predecessor. This is the truth if you make an objective comparison”.

Another analyst explained that “the airstrike has some degree of moral justification. This is even though it violates some laws by the United Nations Security Council which will have accusing figures pointed towards the United States direction”.

Any Basis for the Attack

Although the combative military strike happened on Syrian territory, it was not directed towards Syria. Rather, the strike as noted by the Pentagon press secretary is about the United States sending an “unambiguous message” that the White House is committed to protecting the interest of its citizens locally and in Diaspora.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the United States president ensured that the airstrike was as proportionate and diplomatic as possible. This is considering the fact that certain coalition partners were consulted before the airstrike.

This attack was targeted at militia forces for their role in the February 15 rocket attack on a US base in Iraq. An attack that resulted in the death of a military contractor, in addition to more severely injured Iraqi civilians and US military officers.

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