Food and Drug Administration Critically Scrutinizing Emergency Vaccines by Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals

Food and Drug Administration Critically Scrutinizing Emergency Vaccines by Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals

Despite the groundbreaking success in getting the COVID-19 vaccines invented and ready for mass distribution, there is still a long way to go in curbing the spread of the virus. For instance, the United States has vaccinated no more than 7 percent of the entire population.

As a result, the 2 major pharmaceutical companies charged with the responsibility of producing COVID-19 vaccines could use some help. This is where the Johnson and Johnson emergency vaccines come to play.

Peculiarities of the Johnson and Johnson Vaccines

Unlike what is required with the 2 approved pharmaceutical companies, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine only requires one dose. As a result, the logistical complications of rescheduling and administering a second dose are sorted out.

Furthermore, a recent briefing by pertinent spokespersons for the food and Drug Administration revealed that these vaccines are safe. As a result, users cannot develop complications after using the vaccines.

However, the early good news was just about the safety and not the potency of the vaccine. As regards the emergency vaccine’s potency, it was revealed that it is not as potent as Moderna and Pfizer. While clinical test reports indicate that Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are well over 90 percent potent in dealing with the virus, the Johnson and Johnson vaccines are a lot less at about 66 percent.

FDA Still Making Decision on Johnson and Johnson

As things are, the United States Food and Drug Administration has set up a pertinent panel to look into reviewing the Johnson and Johnson vaccines or otherwise. However, information reaching us suggests that the pharmaceutical vaccines will likely be approved for distribution in the United States.

This is considering that there are too many complications caused by this virus and all the help that can be gotten is needed. Also, the fact that the Johnson and Johnson vaccines only require one dose makes things a lot better.

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