United Nations Forum Understands that African Advancement in Artificial Intelligence Will Bring lots of Positive Changes

United Nations Forum Understands that African Advancement in Artificial Intelligence Will Bring lots of Positive Changes

A United Nations-based forum on growth and development in the African continent is proposing that the political administrators pay close attention to the growth of the artificial intelligence market in the continent. This is given how this will in turn help the continent grow in many ways.

What the Experts and Forecasted Figures Are Saying

This international forum has come to a reasonable conclusion on how many parts of the African continent can take a giant leap in development. They claim paying attention to the artificial intelligence market will bring a substantial amount of development.

The forum realizes that by making a 10 percent development in this market, economic growth in the areas of finance, agriculture, aviation, healthcare, education, and other sectors of the economy will happen.

In terms of numbers, it is forecasted that the region can make well over 15 trillion dollars by taking this action. It is hoped that the key political administrators will pay attention to this.

How Artificial Intelligence can Help Africa

Beyond making sure the African economies are in a good fiscal position, this science and technological approach to doing things will make things better and help avoid certain complications prone to the region.

For instance, by leveraging artificial intelligence, the region will be well able to forecast complications associated with climate change and take the required action. This is other than the fire-brigade approach that many parts of the continent have been known for. 

In the area of health, advancement in the artificial intelligence market will ensure that the pertinent authorities can detect a possible epidemic and make plans to avert it. For instance, some researchers at the University of Liverpool recently made use of AI to find out animals that could be potential carriers of newer strains of the Covid-19 virus. Such research will help the continent address things effectively from a health stance.

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