Several Americans Lamenting the Current State of the Covid-19 Relief Bill

In no distant time after his assumption of the Oval Office, president Joe Biden made known his intention to have a bill passed into law. The bill required a large chunk of money for funding and has been heavily criticized by a good number of Republican lawmakers. In this report, we take a look at the current state of the bill and why Americans are beginning to lament.

Why Americans Are Lamenting the Current State of the Covid-19 Relief Bill?

Of late, reliable sources gathered that those pushing for the legislation of the Covid-19 bill have removed a very key element of the entire package.

The feature that was removed concerns a lot of low-income earners struggling to make a living in the nation. The feature in question is the $15 minimum wage that was heavily anticipated by many low-income families and earners.

This decision is absolutely against the declaration of the president who noted a while back that every package in the bill works “hands in glove”.

Why the $15 Minimum Wage Feature Is Removed

The removal of this feature is a strategic move by the democrats to ensure that the entire COVID-19 relief bill does not end up in the trash. This is because, with this feature included, the Democrats will need more consent from the republican axis of the senate to get the bill legislated.

So, the decision was taken in the best interest of successfully legislating other key features of this bill. However, it is believed that the democrats will come up with the $15 minimum wage subject as a stand-alone bill sometime soon.

But even at that, the decision to leave out the anticipated $15 minimum wage feature has come as a piece of bad news to many Americans that live below the poverty line. A lot of these people happen to be mums that have a hard time meeting up with financial commitments and could use the incentive that this exempted feature would have offered.

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